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  1. Nevena


    As a professional athlete for me it’s very important to be hydrated all the time and as I am a lot of time outside I really like that the beverage is perfect, eather in winter – hot and in summer – icy.
    As well, I have to say that I am very sensitive if I can smell the bottle and if it is not 100% clean.
    That is not the thing with Snowmonkey, I am constantly using it for more then a year now, the quality is excellent and the shape of the bottles are very easy to clean.
    For the end, normally I like more colorful details. But this time I liked the simplicity of Snowmonkey design. I have 3 bottles with different sizes, and my fav one is a black customize “Traveler”.
    Recommend to everyone! 🙂

  2. Michal Poland

    I am very satisfied with this product! I am using it on extreme winter conditions (some times under -30 C) many hours and the beverage remains warm. Also in summer time after all day on sun beverage remains fresh and cold. I also like sport lid, it is super useful for sportsman.
    More than worth of this price!
    BR Michal from Poland

  3. Metod

    As a mountain rescuer it is essential for me to have a proper beverage for a long last in extreme condition wherever it is cold or hot. Thus it is a lightweight, robust and without a fear to be spoiled in my backpack. Just perfect!

  4. Vanja

    Snow monkey termovko uporabljam praktično vsak dan, ko grem v hribe, na kolo ali pa delam v pisarni. Najbolj mi je všeč uporabnost flaške tako pozimi kot poleti, ker ima zelo dobro sposobnost zadrževanja temperature. Plus to, da je izredno enostavna za pomivanje.

  5. Vanja

    Snow monkey termovka je zelo uporabna, praktična za pomivanje in transport. Sama pomojem veliko tekočine, zato mi je 1L verzija zelo všeč. Navdušila me je sposobnost zadrževanja temparature, ko si pripravim vroč čaj ali pa ko rabim, da pijača ostane hladna v poletni vročini.

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