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Earth month

April is Earth Month and the time of year that most closely aligns with our company's values and vision. Caring for the environment, using sustainable products and reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bottles is our priority. We are a team of people; athletes with an active lifestyle, and we have been connected to nature since we were born. We want to continue this story in to the future.
Team Snow Monkey


Did you know that people around the world throw away around 125 tonnes of single-use plastic bottles every day and that only 9% of these plastics are recycled? By raising awareness and taking small steps to change our own consumption habits, we can gradually start to avoid this ourselves.By using reusable products in all areas, we will keep our planet cleaner and less burdened by plastic. Nature will thank us.So every day is a new opportunity to take hold of good habits as individuals. We have the power to communicate this through small steps, small changes, through our communication with our surroundings and through the choices we make.


Polluting nature has a bad effect on our ecosystem. More and more water is no longer drinkable, and microplastic particles have often already been found in the water. By reducing fast consumption and disposable products, we also reduce the potential for plastic waste to threaten nature and water resources. In addition to reducing the consumption of packaging, which cannot be avoided altogether, it is important to take home what we bring into nature with us.


The advantage of our sustainable, reusable products is their durability and health-friendly material. Our products are made of high-quality stainless steel and remain the same after repeated use. So you can refill your flask anytime, anywhere. The material is non-reactive and non-toxic and does not penetrate into the liquid.The bottles on the market today are designed for single use and the microplastic particles start to migrate into the liquid when reused.By having one bottle for all occasions, you will avoid the accumulation of plastic bottles and packaging waste and do something good for your health.
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