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  1. The Bike Wanderers

    Snow Monkey flaške že 7 mesecev potujejo z nama na najini kolesarski avanturi po Latinski Ameriki.

    S flaškami sva zelo zadovoljni, ko so temperature nizke jih uporabljava kot termovke, ko pa pripeka vročina pa zelo dobro držijo temperaturo pijače svežo in hladno.

    Prav tako nama je zelo všeč, da omenjeni model Go-Getter 0,6 lepo sede v nosilec bidona na kolesu.

    Flaške Snow Monkey tako toplo priporočava vsem kolesarjem kot tudi ostalim. Nič več okusa po plastiki!

  2. Tanja

    I’m using Snow monkey bottle since last year and I’m very satisfied. It insulates very well and keeps my drink at appropriate temperature in summer and winter time, without changing my drink’s taste. No track of a metal taste which was my experience with some previous metal bottles I had. It is really easy to clean. Besides, it looks great, modern design and bright color always cheer me up.
    I got it as a gift from my friend and I’m still very thankful about it, since Snow monkey is simply the best water bottle, I ever had!

  3. Eva

    Go-getter flask with the straw is perfect flask to use in the car. It’s easy to hold and to drink, especially for children. In hot summer we use it constantly, at home, in the car and on the beach. We are using different Snow Monkey flasks for two years now and they are still working perfectly. Best buy

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