Stainless steel, the most health-friendly choice

6. september 2018 | Snow Monkey

Our thermoses are made from high quality stainless steel 18/8, which contains 18% of chrome and 8% of nickel. Let us mention that both chrome and nickel are essential micro nourishments.

Image shows a section of double vacuum insulated wall from stainless steel (18/8)

Stainless steel is non-toxic, chemically un-active, with long-term water contact does not rust and there is also no fear for substances to pass into liquid. Complete recycling is also an advantage. With use of dish-sponge or brush, stainless steel can be thoroughly cleaned and biofilm (microorganisms, bacteria), that produces by irregular cleaning and is for instance hardly cleaned from plastic water bottles, can easily be removed. Wider opening also provides for simple cleaning of our thermoses. For these reasons have numerous researches confirmed stainless steel to be the best choice for thermoses, bidons for kids and all bidons in general. Beside all listed qualities are our thermoses well punch resistant and can very hardly get broken. Flasks from stainless steel are recommended by Slovene Consumers Association (Zveza potrošnikov Slovenije).


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