Cycling through South America in extreme conditions

10. may 2018 | Snow Monkey
We are Anja and Barbara. In October 2018 we made a trip to the other side of the World. Our cycling adventure to the North started at the city of Ushuaia in the south of Argentina.
Anja and Barbara with Snow Monkey flask in South America

At the beginning, we were experiencing cold temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius. Strong, cold Patagonian wind made things even worse. Because of those cold an inconvenient weather conditions we were extremely pleased to have our Snow Monkey flasks accompanying us at the utmost south of Argentina. We used these flasks as thermos flasks at the cold south. There is no better feeling than drinking hot tea in the middle of the day, which you have prepared hours earlier. We were extremely grateful for every sip of warm drink, because the conditions for cycling were quite brutal. We are also fond of Snow Monkey flasks because they don’t leave any taste at all of any plastics or some similar material, so water and other drinks keep the natural and normal taste.

After a few months of pushing the pedals towards North we experienced summer in the right meaning of the word. Temperatures have raised to 45+ degrees Celsius and we couldn’t find any shade along the way. We had to load ourselves with bigger quantities of water, because we were literally cycling through a desert, where the possibility for dehydration was even bigger. Once again we were extremely happy for every sip of cold water. That’s right. Every sip of water in the middle of a desert was heavenly refreshing and cold, thanks to Snow Monkey flasks that keep the water cold for hours. The flasks were accompanying us at the handlebar of our bicycle, so our thirst was satisfied quickly.

We have been on the road for more than half a year now and are slowly saying goodbye to Argentina and entering Bolivia, where we will be cycling at high altitudes. As the winter is slowly approaching, the flasks are soon going to become our thermoses again.


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